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New Southern Wasatch Map

Southern Wasatch MapA new Southern Wasatch map is in production.  The mapping scope is very similar to the popular Central Wasatch Touring Maps 1 and 2.  This new map 3 includes Mount Timpanogos, Sundance, the Cascade, Corral mountains to Springville, Buckley Mountain and Left Fork of Hobble Creek.  Many beautiful hiking trails have much less use in the new mapping area, some are hard to find according to Junior Bounus our historical hiking trail contributor.

Why are we making a map of the southern Wasatch? - The area covered by the Wasatch maps 1 and 2 can get very crowded for ski touring and in order to ease pressure on these areas we are mapping the Southern Wasatch, an area that is still unknown by most and where fresh tracks abound. These slopes allow for mountaineers to access a much larger recreation area than found in the Central and Northern Wasatch. There is very little organized use in the area, solely by heli-skiers and extreme snow mobile riders.  This vast new area has yet to be explored.  Our first printing will be limited edition, Beta-version. We encourage our map users to contact us if they can make contribution or encounter any problems with the routes.