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About Alpentech

Alpentech is a local mapping and international recreation area planning firm.  Ski area modifications, new development and diversification is a worldwide concern that Alpentech is called for. The appreciation of a perfect Alpine setting, from where our firm originates, has been a guiding mountain planning outlook.  We are aware that, particularly show sports and ski touring of the Wasatch are most unusual comparison to the Alps, because of large population proximity, but a small human footprint.  Spectacular U.S. Forest system trails are maintained and winter route finding has been perfected over decades.  For example, the fast urban growth of the Orem area deserves attention for both summer and winter recreation use through the coming years. – With many local mountain planning engagements Alpentech has researched accessibility for winter sports, i.e. Heritage Mountain, that has given dreams to developers that failed to prove feasibility due to various factors. 

Our mapping is an intense inventory of trails, slopes, routes to peaks and valleys for all-season enjoyment from Beginner to Guide level.  Wasatch maps include GPS coordinates and distances, ability level of hikes and winter routes.  Besides Google Earth, which is the source of our mapping research, consider the Wasatch, Uinta and Stansbury maps, still the essential piece of equipment to bring with you to the mountains. We also make posters of the mountain panoramas in the Wasatch, these are beautiful wall decorations and can also be used to plan out your next adventure in the backcountry.

Our ski resort consulting has been most active in Asia.  Local resort require plans for trial widening, one of our favorite endeavors, diversification of the mountain circulation for all-season use.  We are strong advocates of appropriate mountain transit development that can preserve meadows from parking lot expansion.  We provide our clients, well-engineered, high quality AutoCAD drawings and work closely with the planners at the resort to make sure that permitted changes are well dimensioned and stay in harmony with the natural environment.

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